mama jess back to school tip #6 – healthy after school snacks

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Mama Jess Back to School Tip #6 – Last one – Healthy after school snacks


Today marks our last day of Back to School Tips. We hope you’ve had a chance to prepare and then enjoy every last bit of summer. Our last tip is to not forget the after school snacks in this weeks grocery shopping. After school snacks are a vital way to re-charge for after school activities and homework. I like to think of these as mini-meals. If you have the luxury of coming home between school & after school sports/activities, I like warm options. If you are eating on the run, make use of a cooler full of fresh food options. I like to make packaged snacks a last option.


If you are at home when your kids get back from school there is nothing better than walking into a house wafting with a yummy baked good! This could be the aroma of our Mini Deep Dish Pizzas or Zucchini Muffins (even cookies or popcorn?). Whatever is in the air, will certainly be gobbled up at first sight!


Great car snacks include:

–       containers with dip like hummus or nut butter for veggies & fruit slices

–       hard-boiled eggs

–       recently made smoothie

–       muffins

–       good travel fruit: apples, bananas, grapes, orange slices, plums, cherries

–       good travel veggies: carrots, celery, edamame, cucumber slices, bell pepper slices, cherry tomatoes (‘tis the season!), broccoli & cauliflower


Mini meals

Homemade Popcorn

Whole Grain Muffins

Mini Deep Dish Pizzas

Veggies & Dip

Apples & Nut butter

Hard-boiled eggs

Veggies & hummus



Baked Potato half with veggies

Oatmeal & Fruit


Dried Unsweetened Fruit

Homemade Trail Mixes

Cheese sticks

Whole grain crackers & cheese


Ready, set, GO!


Wishing you all a healthy & happy return to school –


mama jess