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Barbecue Chicken Protein Bowls (Whole 30 / Paleo)

Posted by on Nov 5, 2020 in blog | Comments Off on Barbecue Chicken Protein Bowls (Whole 30 / Paleo)

I love the idea of bringing a bunch of ingredients together that result in a medley of flavors in each bite. Doesn’t that sound delightful? Well, then you will love today’s recipe: Barbecue Chicken Protein Bowls. For those days you are craving Chiptole, but better…and homemade!  I went the simple route and shredded an organic rotisserie chicken rather than baking chicken breasts and shredding them. This saves so much time and adds so much flavor! This is also a great recipe if you have extra chicken leftover from dinner. I also purchased a coleslaw bag, but I made my own Whole 30 approved mayo-based sauce. More in the ingredients, below! This...

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Mini Egg Muffins

Posted by on Oct 29, 2020 in blog | Comments Off on Mini Egg Muffins

In times when the weather and the news are bleak, we have been turning to coming together as a family over mealtimes to reconnect and find peace. Sometimes, though, I would prefer to enjoy the time together without all of the work! So I made a batch of these mini egg muffins to enjoy in the mornings together over coffee.  These take about 30 minutes to make a full batch, but they last all week in the fridge and just need a quick warmup (15-20 seconds) before eating! The bite-size makes them fun for all ages and I came up with a variety of flavors so everyone can enjoy their favorites. Enjoy these on e-learning mornings, weekend mornings, for a hearty afternoon...

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Pork and Apple Meatballs with Brussels Sprouts (Paleo / Whole30)

Posted by on Oct 8, 2020 in blog | Comments Off on Pork and Apple Meatballs with Brussels Sprouts (Paleo / Whole30)

Nothing says Fall like apple recipes! One of my favorite dinner combinations involves honey crisp apples and pork. While we all love a good pork chop, I wanted to switch things up this week. I found this pork and apple meatball recipe on my local grocery store’s food blog (which is full of great family-friendly recipes!). HERE is the original recipe. Why do I love meatballs? Because can carry so much flavor in one bite! Plus these are completely grain and dairy-free, making it a Paleo and Whole30 compliant recipe. I chopped up some fresh sage to add to the fall flavors and made sure to brown them all to perfection prior to baking. One thing about meatballs is, I...

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Chipotle Sweet Potato Taquitos (Vegan)

Posted by on Oct 1, 2020 in blog | Comments Off on Chipotle Sweet Potato Taquitos (Vegan)

As the weather cools down, we are here to warm you back up with some Chipotle Sweet Potato Taquitos! I love anything that combines veggies into the main course: delicious, nutritious, and super easy to make. Plus, it is easy to make a large batch of these to enjoy after sports practices or between e-learning classes. The sweet potato and corn provide a touch of sweet to the spicy chipotle peppers. Not super into spicy? Here is how you can adjust the heat: I buy a small can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. When I say small, it’s about a 4oz can. I separate the peppers onto a cutting board and put the adobo sauce (liquid gold) into a bowl. The adobo sauce...

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Vegan Buffalo Chickpea Wraps

Posted by on Sep 24, 2020 in blog | Comments Off on Vegan Buffalo Chickpea Wraps

Alright, I am obsessed with chickpeas. I know, I’m a bit late to the party here, but I swear these lil guys are the new cauliflower (aka they can become whatever you want them to be). Crispy roasted, mashed, pureed, I just love them. plus there is so much protein and flavor packed in those little round balls, you really cannot go wrong. This recipe was recommended by Mama Jess herself (I am just her helpful photographer/writer!) and it was inspired by a vegan wrap recipe that you can find HERE. Honestly, this easy meal goes into the same category as whipping up a quick tuna or egg salad, but it is vegan! Delicious mashed chickpeas tossed in chopped up carrots and...

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