the making of our video for intuit’s small business big game contest: the good story of mama jess

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the making of our video: the good story of mama jess

Intuit’s Small Business Big Game Contest gave us the opportunity to make our first video of The Good Story of Mama Jess (click to watch). We already had cooking videos and videos from local press but we never had a video telling how we got our start. We were excited to advance to the next round of Intuit’s contest and creating a video was a requirement.


Coming up with the video idea was easy  – there is no lack for creative in the Mama Jess Team! We wanted to simply share the story behind our veggie packed sauces. The ‘why’ we started, the ‘how’ we started and ‘who’ we started it for. We made the video simple and clean – just like our organic pasta sauce ingredient statements.


As the true inspiration for Mama Jess was my children, the video seemed appropriate coming from my son’s point of view. When you’re a mom entrepreneur starting your own business, it really becomes the whole family’s business. We talk business at the dinner table and everyone has had to pitch in and make some sacrifices. By watching me start Mama Jess my kids have been passed the entrepreneur gene (yes, they have already launched with their first business too – successful in summer, on hiatus while school is in session!). My oldest son, Alex, is the real voice to this story, told in his own words. His dad and I couldn’t be prouder of the job he did.


We hope you enjoy our video.  Here’s a peek from behind the scenes.






Another great business owner to business owner tip – surround yourself with the best people!  My gratitude to my SUPER Mama Jess Video Team: BG, AG, WG, DD, CN, AB, DB, WF, & SR.



mama jess


the inspiration

this cute face is the original artist and voice of video (glad he thinks his mama is super!)

artist 1 hard at work

artist 1 making sure artist 2 gets it right!

in our house, we never forget 'puppy power'

the end of the video (and just the beginning for veggies!!!)