Please vote for mama jess for Intuit small business Super Bowl commercial!

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 Mama Jess makes Top 20 for Intuit Super Bowl Commercial Giveaway!


Voting is closed to public now.

Top 4 announced November 11th. Fingers crossed for Mama Jess!



Mama Jess for Intuit Super Bowl Commercial!

Stay tuned…Top 20 Announced on October 28th!

 Round 2 Voting is OVER…

But you can still eat your veggies EVERYDAY!

Thank you friends for voting for Mama Jess Organic Pasta Sauce! We are so grateful for your support! Please stay tuned to our website, Facebook & Twitter – we will let you know who makes the Top 20 on October 28th. Let’s hope VEGGIES & Mama Jess make the cut!  You can still read all about our story and watch our video on the Vote for Us link below.

Thanks to Intuit for this opportunity! Where would we be without our Quickbooks!#TeamSmallBiz




Friends – thanks for spreading the word about EATING YOUR VEGGIES & Mama Jess! America needs to know how easy it can be to add more veggies to your everyday meals with Mama Jess Organic Sauces. Please keep voting for us EVERYDAY!

Veggies are not the underdog in this Super Bowl race. You and I know they are SUPER-CHARGED and CHOCK FULL OF NUTRITION. Go Veggies! Go Superfoods!


mama jess


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