mama jess’ top 4 healthy super bowl recipes from the winning mama jess team!

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Happy Super Bowl Week Friends –

The Super Bowl might be a time to indulge a little but we are trying to offer some healthy & vegetarian options. Don’t forget to include VEGGIES in your game day!

Here’s what the Mama Jess Team will be bringing to our Super Bowl Parties (click on pictures or links for recipe pages):

Gina is taking her famous Healthy Taco Dip with Bien Good! Gina, thanks for sharing your recipe with us, we LOVE it and could actually just eat this for lunch!

Jess (Mama Jess) has a busy Super Bowl day full of basketball (on a football day?). So a quick recipe was needed: fast and delicious Goat Cheese & Garden Good Dip!

Mama Jess Garden Good & Goat Cheese Dip

Kelly is keeping things festive for football with our yummy & gooey Bien Good Healthy Taco Cupcakes. Wishing I was coming to your house, Kelly!

And another great finger food – will be served by Kris – our Mini Lasagnas with Bean Good. Just the right amount of lasagna for a Super Bowl party!

Wishing you a fun, safe and healthy Super Bowl  – and yes, may your favorite team win!

The Mama Jess Team  (already a winning team to me!)