Here’s to Veggies & Our Best Health!

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Hi Mamas, hi Friends!

This strange time in the world has given me pause to reflect on what is really important to me and the Mama Jess brand. It’s HEALTH. It’s about making sure the world is eating healthier, making sure we’re feeding ourselves and our families healthier. The most valuable thing we have is our good health. So with that said, I hope you can join me in our journey back to what matters most. We are pledging to show you more recipes that are reflective of our brand. Forgive us for going down that cheesy, casserole laden food porn route in the past. It’s a food bloggers trap to make it look drool-worthy! Let’s get back to how we are meant to eat for our best health, back to how we are modeling eating for our children. While I don’t believe in ‘perfect eating’, you gotta have a little indulgence here and there, I do believe in educating and sharing the best ways to achieve good health through food. After all, food IS medicine. Good nutrition should be the cornerstone to your good health. So please stand by us as we show you how we are still veggie-crazy and committed to the No Sugar Added lifestyle. We are still dedicated to eating the cleanest we can but unfortunately the clean eating movement is too widely defined now.

So we are going to keep it easy, just like our sauce:






GRAIN FREE as much as possible (not just Gluten free)


ORGANIC (is Non GMO and more)




These things might fall into Paleo, Whole 30, Pegan, Vegan, Keto or SCD diets – cool, if that’s your thing. We are fans of all of those and realize that eating is completely INDIVIDUALIZED. One thing all those diets agree on: VEGGIES. Americans are not eating enough veggies. We should be eating 6-10 servings day or at the very least, a pound a day. What does that look like? Keep tuning in to see.

Veggies contain FIBER (highly lacking in the SAD (Standard American Diet))


Veggies are PREBIOTIC, feeding the good bacteria in our gut


Veggies are NUTRIENT DENSE, full of MICRONUTRIENTS we need for our health


Veggies are really low in calories and fill you up so you eat less junk. 


Veggies contain ANTIOXIDANTS and PHYTOCHEMICALS, plant properties that fight disease.


Veggies can even reverse disease like heart disease, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure…and more!


Keep following along for all the Veggie-love, tips, recipes and inspiration!



Mama Jess