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Mama says, “Eat Your Veggies” but how many servings, cups, pounds???

Posted by on Sep 3, 2020 in blog, blogs | Comments Off on Mama says, “Eat Your Veggies” but how many servings, cups, pounds???

How many veggies per day should you be eating?   Gosh, that seems like a pretty straight forward question, but it’s hard to get a great answer. My quick answer: Your meals and snacks should be majority vegetables. That means you’re eating more veggies than you are meats, grains, junk or anything else!   If you’ve never tracked how many veggies you are eating or how many your kids are eating, it’s a great exercise. We all slide a little and there’s really no better time to be more conscious of your vegetable intake!    CDC says only 1 in 10 Americans are eating enough veggies – GASP! This has been a statistic that has stayed...

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One Tray Breakfast Hash

Posted by on Aug 27, 2020 in blog | Comments Off on One Tray Breakfast Hash

With e-learning being the main focus lately, we have found ourselves rushing through the mornings lately and trying to find a bit of calm amidst the chaos. What’s my secret to making sure my crew is alert, focused, and in a good mood? Breakfast! Since time is limited in the morning, I prefer not to have to worry about a mess or a big production of cooking something. So I came up with this one tray breakfast hash that includes veggies and protein because both of those, first thing in the morning, set us up for a nutritious and productive day. The thing I like best about this tray bake is I can prep it the night before. All I will do is dice my sweet potatoes, wash...

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Summer Fruit Wraps

Posted by on Aug 20, 2020 in blog | Comments Off on Summer Fruit Wraps

Mamas…the day has come. Whether your children are back to school or back to their iPads with an e-learning set up, we are here for you. Here at Mama Jess, we are happy to provide your family with the nutritious meals and snacks you need to shape those young minds! Since life is a little hectic right now (okay..maybe more than “a little”) we are excited to bring you this quick and fun after school/e-learning snack to make and enjoy with your kids: Summer Fruit Wraps. Use any kind of fruit that you want, but we added a few of our favorite recommendations below. Dunk them in a whipped honey and greek yogurt dip and enjoy! Happy Back to School! Xoxo,...

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Buffalo Chicken Sweet Potato Sliders (Paleo / Whole 30)

Posted by on Aug 13, 2020 in blog | Comments Off on Buffalo Chicken Sweet Potato Sliders (Paleo / Whole 30)

Are you looking for a new, creative dinner recipe? I was too! So, when I stumbled upon The Real Food Dietician’s Buffalo Chicken Sliders, I knew I had to try it. This recipe fits in with the Paleo and Whole 30 lifestyles and is great for all of you grain-free eaters out there. There are so many things to love about this recipe: A classic combination of chicken and buffalo sauce Bite-sized sandwiches that your whole family will love A grain-free bun made out of baked sweet potato rounds that add the perfect amount of sweetness to this tangy recipe. These sliders just scream “summer!” and I am trying to hold onto these warm and sunny days a bit...

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Here’s to Veggies & Our Best Health!

Posted by on Aug 6, 2020 in blog, blogs, Uncategorized | Comments Off on Here’s to Veggies & Our Best Health!

Hi Mamas, hi Friends! This strange time in the world has given me pause to reflect on what is really important to me and the Mama Jess brand. It’s HEALTH. It’s about making sure the world is eating healthier, making sure we’re feeding ourselves and our families healthier. The most valuable thing we have is our good health. So with that said, I hope you can join me in our journey back to what matters most. We are pledging to show you more recipes that are reflective of our brand. Forgive us for going down that cheesy, casserole laden food porn route in the past. It’s a food bloggers trap to make it look drool-worthy! Let’s get back to how we are meant to eat...

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Cast Iron Skillet Steak 101

Posted by on Jul 30, 2020 in blog | Comments Off on Cast Iron Skillet Steak 101

Today, we are talking about a subject that is very close to my heart: mastering your cast iron skillet steak. Mastering steak at all is an achievement, but there is something extra delicious about the flavor that comes from the cast iron that brings your steak to another level. This recipe is definitely Keto, but it can also be slightly altered to fit into Paleo and Whole 30 requirements simply by switching from regular butter to ghee. What I love about making steak is how few ingredients are needed to develop a really complex, layered flavor. It should be noted that these tips are several months in the making. The amount of trial and errors that have been done to...

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