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Vegetarian Roasted Veggie “Meatballs”

Posted by on Feb 20, 2020 in blog | Comments Off on Vegetarian Roasted Veggie “Meatballs”

Looking for a vegetarian meatball alternative? Well, look no further! These roasted veggie meatballs are so decadent, you will prefer these over the traditional ones! Instead of ground meat, these are composed of roasted veggies, tender farro, breadcrumbs, and Parmesan cheese (an A+ combo, let me tell you). The beauty of these “meatballs” is how simple they are to make and how they fit perfectly into so many dishes! Make them ahead of time to really be prepared for the week, and top them with Mama Jess Sauce over a dish of zoodles and you have a wholesome, delicious meal! This recipe is originally from Goop, but we made it our own by topping it...

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Vegan/Paleo Chocolate Fruit Dip

Posted by on Feb 13, 2020 in blog | Comments Off on Vegan/Paleo Chocolate Fruit Dip

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day, Mamas! We are definitely feeling the love for this delicious fruit dip that we made this week to celebrate! If you are looking for an indulgent breakfast or after school snack sans-sugar. The secret of this dip is in the creamy avocado. When you blend it up, I promise you won’t taste avocado, but it does wonders for the ultra-creamy texture. Since this dip isn’t necessarily as sweet as “normal” chocolate, I recommend dipping all sorts of naturally sweet fruits in it. Strawberries, raspberries, and bananas were on my platter along with some pretzels! Find the recipe below, and enjoy some vegan, paleo,...

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Sweet Potato Chicken Nuggets

Posted by on Feb 6, 2020 in blog | Comments Off on Sweet Potato Chicken Nuggets

Happy February, Mamas! Today we whipped up a more wholesome version of a family favorite: Sweet Potato Chicken Nuggets. This is a great way to add a veggie into an after school snack and these bites are Whole30 and Paleo approved!  And because dry chicken nuggets are boring…dip them into our Mama Jess Organic Ketchup which, you guessed it, is also Whole30 and Paleo certified!  While this recipe is quick and easy, the only thing that requires a bit of elbow grease is shredding the sweet potato. This can qualify as an arm workout if you’re trying to hit the gym today…but I promise it’s worth it! I only needed one large sweet potato...

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Brussels Sprout Sliders

Posted by on Jan 30, 2020 in blog | Comments Off on Brussels Sprout Sliders

Super Bowl time is among us. If you’re like me, you enjoy the game more for the funny commercials and the food that is put out at the party. There is something about the Super Bowl that elevates snacks and traditional tailgate foods. So today, we decided to elevate our snack level as well. Say hello to these Brussel Sprout Sliders, the first appetizer that is going to disappear at your party! While they are so small, they pack a punch of flavor from the roasted brussels, the savory Brie cheese, the salty bacon, and the sweet onion jam with a touch of chili powder. Are you eating keto? Simply leave out the onion jam and enjoy a brie and bacon slider! I recommend...

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One Skillet Baked Cauliflower Gnocchi

Posted by on Jan 23, 2020 in blog | Comments Off on One Skillet Baked Cauliflower Gnocchi

After you all loved our last one-skillet recipe (One Skillet Lemon Chicken with Rice), we couldn’t help but whip up another one! This one is filled with delicious, yet simple, ingredients that bring out rich flavors. It is also the perfect meal to enjoy on a cozy night in, and guilt-free! Plus, it is a great way to add extra veggies into your diet through the cauliflower gnocchi, spinach, onions, and of course…our veggie-packed Mama Jess Garden Organic Pasta Sauce. The guilt-free part of this recipe is the cauliflower gnocchi, which is famously found at Trader Joe’s. The trick when cooking it, though, is to NOT follow the instructions on the bag. If...

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Sweet and Sour Chicken

Posted by on Jan 16, 2020 in blog | Comments Off on Sweet and Sour Chicken

When I tasted this recipe for the first time, I felt like I had cracked open the portal into another world of recipe possibilities: homemade Chinese takeout. While I love cooking, I also really love convenience and it’s easier to dial the local takeout place and order delivery. Plus, I actually have never ventured into the realm of making Asian inspired dishes, since I know it is not my strong point. Both of these mindsets have changed. Did you know that ketchup is the base for sweet and sour sauce? It is such a great excuse to whip out my Mama Jess Garden Organic Ketchup and enjoy some extra veggies snuck into this meal! This recipe, while it is not the...

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