about mama jess

meet our chief mama. she makes us eat our veggies.

Product Developer,
Kitchen Maven,
and Clean Eating Pioneer,
Mama Jess Founder, Jessica Grelle passionately creates products that check all the boxes of your clean eating checklist!

More behind her story:   The foundation for Mama Jess began when Jessica was a teenage dancer in the Milwaukee Ballet Company’s training program. A staff dietician talked to the young dancers about food providing the fuel to keep them on their toes. While studying food science and nutrition in college, Jessica furthered her belief in the connection of eating healthy to feel and perform better. It has stayed with her ever since.

In her early career, Jessica developed hundreds of grocery store products and she became inspired to create something less processed, something she’d feel good about feeding her own family, something made with organic ingredients, free of sugar and preservatives. However, she discovered sales & marketing sometimes had more say in the final result and, at the time, convenience food overshadowed nutritional content.

It was when her two-year-old son stopped eating carrots that Jessica saw how her professional expertise and personal beliefs could come together. Until that time, he’d always eaten the homemade baby food Jessica made herself. So she snuck carrots and sweet potatoes into her pasta sauce recipe. This became the basis for her Garden Good sauce.

Jessica tested her veggie-filled sauce on her family, friends and moms (many she’d just met). It was a hit—even with her two sons. After perfecting her Garden Good sauce in her home kitchen, she further refined her sauce in the Mama Jess Creative Kitchen. While readying it to sell in grocery stores, Jessica ensured that the sauce maintained the highest quality organic ingredients with minimal processing. Jessica launched Mama Jess Organic Pasta Sauces in March 2012.

Jessica continues to experiment in the Mama Jess Creative Kitchen, perfecting her inspirations into new nutritious and delicious products.

Mama Jess and Family